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Charlie’s Case Study using Matrix Reimprinting




This case study was published in the text book Matrix Reimprinting using EFT by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby in 2009. Here I guided Charlie through the process of working with his ‘ECHO’, the ‘Energy Consciousness Hologram’ or the part of his consciousness that froze and split off  energetically into his energy field or ‘Matrix’ at the point of trauma.


Creating an ECHO during the freeze response, that naturally occurs when we are subjected to a trauma, is a safety mechanism that protects us from being overwhelmed. It helps us deal with the trauma at the time. As long as the trauma is held by the ECHO, it subconsciously alerts us to avoid similar situations in the future. Working with ECHOs is an extremely effective, yet gentle way of dealing with the long lasting effects of trauma.





Charlie’s Worries about Starting a new School



Charlie is a very likeable, sensitive and intelligent 11 year old. He adores playing football, is a devoted Manchester United fan and in my opinion is spiritual beyond his years.


My first EFT session with Charlie was conducted during his final weeks at Primary School. He had passed his 11+ and was due to start Grammar School in September. He was worried about an unpleasant incident that he had had with two older, local boys who would be attending his new school. We successfully used the Movie technique to tap away the anxiety of the memory and also tapped on the anxiety he felt about the long bus journey he would be taking to his new school.


Charlie later attended a talk and demonstration I gave about EFT and displayed a poster he had drawn of the tapping points for the benefit of the members of the audience. He learnt the whole process very quickly and seemed very confident in the application of EFT.


My second session with Charlie was a few days before he was due to start his new school and he was worried about his first day. Because Charlie had taken to using EFT so naturally I decided to try the Matrix Reimprinting Technique with him. I feel that what happened next was quite remarkable and is best expressed in Charlie’s own words (and spelling).




Charlie’s First Day Back 2 Skool


I was worried about starting my new Grammar School. Carol showed me how to survive my fears, she asked me to think about a time when I felt worried. I can remember Carol asked me to think about another time when I felt frightened about going to school.


Whilst Carol tapped me, I remembered my first day at ********* Primary School. I didn’t want to go. There I was sitting on the backseat behind 7 year old Charlie, tapping him about his fears on the way in.


Carol helped me picture myself standing in the playground with my Dad. I could see myself standing in my school aged 7. My Dad was telling the teacher how frightened I was. I had my arms around my Dad; I had my head buried in my Dad’s stomach. I tapped on him to get my attention, he turned around and saw me and I told him who I was. I gave him a tour of his new school whilst tapping him. I took him back into the playground and showed him to his new friends. Then I told him I was going to look after him, then he was happy. I took him back to the teacher and said good-bye. Dad had gone but he was still very happy.


Here I am now, worried about starting my secondary school and my 18 year old self was taking me around my big new school showing me where everything was. He was looking after me for when I start. Then I’ll have my 20 year old me when I start at University!






I think the most remarkable thing about this session was that 11 year old Charlie quite naturally took himself into the future with this technique. This was something I hadn’t expected.


Charlie is now settled and happy in his new school and the transition went far more smoothly than was expected thanks to the application of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting.


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The Balance Procedure

Restoring Balance and Harmony in Your Life

It is so much easier to progress happily through life if you are balanced emotionally. However if you are living or working in an unhappy environment, it can be challenging to keep strong emotionally on a daily basis. If a certain person is continually pushing your buttons or if you find yourself in a job that doesn’t suit you it can affect your energy and your general health.


One easy way to keep yourself balanced, especially during challenging times is to use a process called the Balance Procedure. This is a process developed by Jenny Cox which involves balancing each energy centre or chakra in turn and the culminating results can be profound.


Balancing your chakras on a daily basis builds an inner strength and resilience which means you are far less likely to be knocked off course by external events or reactionary relationships. Being balanced and centred means that it becomes easier to think positively and to deal with negative situations more effectively. But the Balance procedure takes things one step further, because the aim is not just to help you get balanced, but to help you move forwards in life with confidence.


Learning to balance your chakras is easy and it takes less than 5 minutes a day. Once you become familiar with this energy technique, you then gain a greater understanding about how external events and relationships affect you on a subtle, energetic level.  Learning the Balance Procedure as a tool for life takes just one session and I include a set of Balance Cards and a book. I can also teach this technique in a group setting.

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