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Investments in Yourself


Prices from 1st January 2015



1 session of 1hr 30 mins                                                       £85



½ Day Intensive (Double session with a break)                £165



4 Session package                                                                £312



6 Session Package                                                                £450





Telephone or Skype Sessions


Pre-arranged EFT treatments, top ups or mentoring by telephone or Skype are charged on a pro rata basis of £60 per hour.



Evening and weekend appointments available.



I reserve the right to make a late cancellation or no show charge if I consider it to be appropriate.



I give talks and demonstrations to interested

groups and charity events.

Please click here for more information on my



EFT Talks, Demonstrations, Workshops and Training


Telephone    07977 503066

e-mail    carol@eft-reiki.co.uk    or    carollcrowther@yahoo.co.uk

to book a place

How Many Sessions Will I Need?


This is one of the most common questions I get asked.


 The techniques I use are so effective at getting to the root cause of what is triggering the issue, that I find that 4 out of 5 clients have significant and life changing results within 4 sessions.


The 1 in 5 clients who tend to need more than 4 sessions usually have

long standing health problems or complex issues.

For example, the lady in my first case study had a number of complex issues and she required 7 two hour sessions to get her to a place where she was able to move forward.


I also offer half day intensive sessions. These comprise of a double session with a break in between for refreshments. These sessions are very popular as I can offer my full range of complementary therapies in one session and make significant progress very quickly.


A half day intensive session is an ideal for clients who travel a distance or for parents who would like treatment for their child.

Children's session usually include an EFT and /or Balance Procedure session for the parent to enable them to continue this work for their child at home.


Children generally respond very well and very quickly to this form of treatment because they have fewer life issues to have to deal with.


I teach all my clients how to use EFT on themselves so every client learns a tool they can use for life.


The first step is to contact me to see if the treatments I offer feel right for you.

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